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Shade 5 Polycarbonate Visor

Shade 5 Polycarbonate Visor

Product Code : VS5 (2)

Shade 5 polycarbonate anti-fog 2mm visor to suit BG and HHBGE

  • Ideally Suited to: 
       Light oxygen cutting
       Flame descaling
       Silver brazing 
       Braze welding light gauge copper and steel 
       Welding die cast
       Oxygen cutting, medium thickness
       Lead welding
       Oxygen lancing and deseaming
       Flame gouging
       General welding
       Braze welding iron
       Iron and hard facing
  • Certified to AS/NZS 1338 ID 4018 Approved for Gas Welding
  • Extra 30mm length visor for increased protection
Manufacturer : Prochoice Safety Gear
Keyword(s) : visor, smoke, shade 5, face shield, welding

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